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Katy Perry Once “Finger-Banged” Her Cleavage

It’s a dream everyone has experienced at one point, of course: Katy Perry finger-banging your cleavage like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately for normal folk, this is unlikely to ever happen. But for higher beings like Anna Kendrick? Well, it’s just a regular day-to-day occurrence, isn’t it? Now for some context, because otherwise, this is going to get weird: this little incident took place at the Grammy Awards back in 2014.

Anna Kendrick – Bafta Awards 2021 Photoshoot
Anna Kendrick – Bafta Awards 2021 Photoshoot

Upon meeting Katy Perry, pop sensation extraordinaire, the singer reportedly proceeded to “finger-bang” the space between Kendrick’s breasts (known as the cleavage) in an act of pure, unbridled craziness. This occurred, apparently, because Kendrick’s dress was quite revealing. “It was a weird night,” Kendrick said of the incident on Conan O’Brien’s talk show. “She€™s very mature. I was kind of asking for it. If nobody did it, I would have been kind of sad. I have met them before, and she€™s… you know€ aggressive. And I like that.” Oh, how the other half lives.

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