7 Most Surprising Claims Meghan Markle’s Former Costars Have

Getting Dissed By Her Onscreen Father, Wendell Pierce

While Meghan was close with many of her fellow Suits actors, she seemed to have a particularly close onscreen bond with Wendell Pierce. In the show, he played her father, and that bond continued when the cameras weren’t rolling. On a talk show, Harry, Pierce confessed that he told Meghan “I know your life is going to change, but always know, no matter where you are, I will always be your loving fake father.”

That’s a very sweet sentiment, but it didn’t take long for Meghan to anger her onscreen dad. After she and Harry dropped their bombshell Oprah interview, Pierce was quite angry. In a 2021 interview with LBC, he expressed anger that they would pull this stunt amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. “In the midst of so much death, I think it is insignificant,” he fumed.

He later had to take back some of what he said because he saw how the Daily Mail and other tabloids were using his words to attack Meghan. However, back in 2021, he really did seem genuinely upset at both the timing of the interview and how these two were wasting time airing their dirty royal laundry.

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