7 Most Surprising Claims Meghan Markle’s Former Costars Have

Jason Sudeikis Knew She Would Go Places

While Meghan Markle was mostly known as a television actor before marrying royalty, that doesn’t mean she never appeared in any films. For example, she has a very brief role in the 2011 movie Horrible Bosses in which she interacts with Hollywood funnyman Jason Sudeikis. In their scene, she plays a FedEx driver who is distractingly pretty (one might say this comes naturally to Meghan), and Sudeikis’ character makes a cringe-worthy attempt to hit on her, saying she is too pretty to work for FedEx and assuming he is being pranked.

However, the praise Sudeikis has for Meghan is certainly no prank. In a 2018 interview with ET, he joked about seeing her royal potential as soon as they shot that scene. “She was regal in that moment, and it seemed like she’s only gotten better at it,” he said, before adding his more earnest thoughts about his former costar: “She was very sweet.”

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