7 Most Surprising Claims Meghan Markle’s Former Costars Have

These days, it’s almost impossible for anyone to know the “real” Meghan Markle. After all, she rose to fame as an actor who was encouraged to hide any dirty little secrets. She then married into the secretive Royal Family, and outside of the occasional prepared appearances, most of what we know about Meghan Markle comes from tabloid headlines.

How, then, can anyone learn what Meghan is really like? Simple: by asking her former costars! You won’t believe what some of the biggest names in Hollywood said about this controversial royal. Keep reading to discover every secret for yourself!

Robert Pattinson Praised Her Performance

Robert Pattinson is hotter in Hollywood than ever after starring in the critically acclaimed superhero film The Batman. However, as E! News reports, he joked in 2017 that his 2010 movie Remember Me was his “claim to fame.” And while she only shared the screen with him for one scene, Meghan Markle was in that film as well.

He didn’t say much, but the man who would be Batman dished a bit about Meghan when he was asked to comment on her engagement to Prince Harry. “She seems great,” he said, and he seemed very excited to have previously worked with someone about to join the Royal Family.

Interestingly, their lives very nearly intersected again in a very unexpected way. Ok! reports that Robert Pattinson was once considered to play Prince Harry in an adaption of the prince’s book Spare. If this happens, Pattinson will go from being a brief acquaintance to becoming Meghan’s onscreen husband!

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