50 ways india would have been different, if british had NOT left india


Had the British not left India, there is a high chance that most countries around the world would probably still be living under colonial rule (Indian independence paved the way for major movements worldwide).

If British was still in power, India would have been something like this:-

India would be highly fragmented with:

  • Very high illiteracy level (educational opportunities were available to only the privileged and urban people).
  • Mass famines would still be frequent with millions of deaths.
  • High birth rate (no family planning).
  • High death rate (no health facilities and low standard of living).
  • Anarchy and rebellions would be frequent.
  • High social unrest.
  • No freedom and security for the average indian.
  • Terrorists attacks would be on the rise.
  • Riots would be common occurrence.
  • Rise of Islamic fundamentalism.
  • Rise of hindu, muslim and sikh extremism.
  • Communal violence would be normal.
  • Genocides and mass reprisal by government against some communities and people due to rebellion.
  • Caste discrimination and violence would be legal.
  • Legalization of bonded labour and other forms of slavery.
  • Cities and areas that host the upper class of indian society ( all british and a small number of indians) would be equipped with world class infrastructure.
  • Rural and suburbs areas would have little to zero facilities and infrastructures.
  • Feudalism (in the case of india its zamindari system) would still be present.
  • No bollywood, kollywood, tollywood or other film industries as it is now known.
  • No fashion industry.
  • Casteism would be a normal issue.
  • No indian art as it is known today.
  • No middle/upper middle or upper class in the indian society.
  • India would not be the world 4th (Pakistan would not be 17th) most powerful military in the world. However Britain would be the most powerful military power on Earth.
  • India would be the 3rd largest economy in the world, Briain would be the largest.


1) First thing first, there would not have been a President as the head of Indian state, rather a Governor general or viceroy (a person with British origin) would have been the supreme authority.

2) India would not have been the ‘world’s largest democracy’

3) There would have been almost no place for India in bureaucracy or diplomacy.

4) Pakistan would have been a part of India.

5) There would have been no issues related to Kashmir.

6) The Indian states would not have been divided into linguistic basis. Rather the legacy of Princely states would have prevailed

7) We still don’t find any probability of a war between India and China but if India was in the hands of Britain, an Indo-China war would have surely happened

8) British would have never given Indians the unique “Freedom of speech”. This means, India would have been free from anti-nationals or pseudo nationals who have left no stone unturned to misuse this unique right.

9) Journalists like Barkha Datt would have never flourished.

10) There would have been no 26/11 attacks.

11) There would have been mass illiteracy and lack of education.

12) There would have been *even more corruption* as it has been proven that the British Government in India was more corrupt and arrogant than The contemporary GOI.

13) India’s economic growth would have been almost null and void.

14) People of India would have no time to debate on topics such as “Eating beef”, “Triple talaq” etc as the only debate would have been the independence of India from foreign authorities.

15) People would not have got an opportunity to pursue a career in Media fields as there would have been no free Indian media.

16) The number of people who lost their lives in Bihar and Assam flood would have been at least 3 times more.

17) The political map of India would have looked different.

18) The Indian National Congress would still have been one of the largest political party.

19) There would not have been any Mars mission.

20) Rakesh Sharma would not have been known as the first person to reach space.

21) India would not have been a democratic society. Rather it would have been a capitalist society.

22) There would have been no subsidy on our day to day essential goods and services.

23) Farmers still would have to pay Lagaan and therefore, the rate of Farmer’s suicide would have been much more higher.

24) There would have been no international significance of India.

25) A large number of indian youth would have been involved in agrarian activities.

26) women would have been more unsafe in India. Cases of sexual molestation of women would have never been lodged.

27) There would have been a large number of bloodsheds and revolts within the last 70 years.

28) Tourism in India for the Indians would have never developed.

29) There would have been a stronger unity between the Hindus and the Muslims.

30) Indian cinema would still have not become a giant industry.

31) The ideas of the educated Indian youths would have been greatly influenced by the culture and norms of Britain.

32) There could have been even more colonial buildings than that we have today.

34) Indian industries would have never developed.

35) India would lack the basic resources as it would have been completely exploited by the Britishers till now.

36) India would still be using 2G networks and there would have been very less technological advancement.

37) Since India was still under the hands of the British, this means two scenario could have existed.

(a) There would have been no Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms, Government of India Acts, Rowlatt Acts etc. OR,

(b) There would have been even more number of colonial acts intended towards the independence of India.

38) Mahatama Gandhi would not have been known as the FATHER OF THE NATION. Infact, he would have never been killed by Nathuram Godse.

39) There would have been no caste based reservation. Rather, the reservation would have been based on Nationality.

40) Shaheed Bhagat Singh would have been regarded as a TERRORIST by the GOI

41) Sports, especially cricket would have never flourished in India.

42) *Indians would be deprived of identity*

43) Yoga would have never received internationl recognition

44) The average life expectancy of Indians would have been relatively less.

45) The rate of Infant Mortality would have been relatively high.

That’s all I can think as of now. Sorry if I had hurt the sentiments of any individual or group.