15 Skinny Celebrities Who Are Scary

The following women can really afford to eat a burger or six. These are the skinniest celebrities in the World.

Theodora Richards

Theodora Richards is the daughter of one of the most famous musicians of all time, Keith Richards. The Rolling Stones heiress has lived quite an interesting life, something that is expected when you are the daughter of a rock and roll legend. Theodora’s father is worth an estimated $340 million, which has allowed her to live a very privileged life. Theodora is 31 years old and living in New York. For a good part of her life she was a model and although she doesn’t work as much anymore, she has still maintained an extremely skinny figure. Richards is alarmingly thin. We would love to see this beauty gain a few pounds because she looks like she really needs to. Eat a burger a day Theodora, that should help!

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