Top 15 Most Beautiful Gamers In The World

Kim “Aphrodite” Ga Young

Kim “Aphrodite” Ga Young, a well-known StarCraft 2 professional player, hails from South Korea, where the real-time strategy game is famous. Previously playing for MVP, Aphrodite is best known for participating in Zowie Divine, a female-only tournament. Despite losing her first two matches, she managed to hit the playoffs thanks to tiebreakers against SsQ and DaSakura. She eventually won 2-1, then proceeded to the finals, earning the $5,000 winning prize pool.

Aphrodite managed to make history in the game when she faced Eve in Heart of the Swarm. She won the match, of course. Furthermore, she is currently ranked in South Korean Grandmaster League, is one of just three female players to win a game on Korean TV, and is an avid swimmer when not gaming.

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