Top 15 Most Beautiful Gamers In The World

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is a gorgeous actress known for her starring roles in That 70’s Show and Black Swan. Before becoming a talented actress, the young woman spent her hours playing World of Warcraft, where she has a high-level mage by the name of “Captainpicard.” Even the name points to her being a complete nerd.

Kunis joined Dan Amrich on his podcast, One of Swords, to discuss her gaming experience. The actress claims she shifted from Settlers of Catan to World of Warcraft for game nights. She even managed to infect her friends, gathering them into the game and enjoying themselves questing, killing mobs, and clearing raids on a daily basis. She once discussed playing the MMORPG during all day sessions. That just goes to show, WoW is addicting for everyone!

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