Top 15 Most Beautiful Gamers In The World


SSSniperWolf, as she is known on YouTube, has become a video game personality online. The British-born YouTuber and cosplayer has been active since 2013 on the video platform. She’s active daily, and currently has over 1000+ gaming-related videos on her channel. There’s something to be said for her dedication and variety of games played. In fact, she has experience in OverwatchDestinyGrand Theft Auto OnlineThe Evil WithinMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and plenty more.

If you couldn’t guess, her username is inspired by a primary antagonist of Metal Gear Solid. That just goes to show her love for the medium. There has been some controversy surrounding her videos, especially her Call of Duty gameplay, but SSSniperWolf has proven herself both capable and dedicated to gaming.

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