Top 15 Most Beautiful Gamers In The World

These fifteen women stand apart from the crowd. They’re some of the most beautiful gamers in the entire world, and they’re not shy about their favorite hobby. It’s all about enjoying the game!

Felicia Day

Felicia Day, an actress, singer, and writer is known for her web series The Guild, a show based on her experience as a gamer. Furthermore, she’s known for writing and starring in Dragon Age: Redemption, a web series based on the role-playing game by developer BioWare. Since The Guild, Day has won numerous awards, including best female actor in a comedy web series, best writing, and best female performance.

Most recently, Day welcomed her daughter into the world. With this recent addition to the family, her video game playing days are probably numbered for the time being. Before becoming so busy, Day would regularly spend eight hours per day playing World of Warcraft. The MMORPG is known for being insanely addictive for anyone who steps into Azeroth.

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