15 Best Health & Wellness Youtube Channels

When it comes to health and wellness, YouTube is one of my favorite resources for finding inspiration and staying motivated. There are so many great channels out there that allow you to stay fit and healthy from your own home without spending money on a gym membership or hiring a personal chef.

It’s also a lot easier to follow along with workouts when there’s a video explanation, and I love seeing all of the ingredients come together in a recipe with a live tutorial. Plus, videos can really allow a person’s personality shine through in a way that blog posts can’t always do.

Since it can be difficult to sift through the depths of YouTube to find good health and wellness channels, I’ve compiled a list of people I watch when I’m in need of some health inspiration. Obviously we all follow different philosophies and principles when it comes to health, so I’ve included a bit of everything from lifestyle to fitness to nutrition that I think we can all enjoy.

This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list, but rather some channels that I absolutely love and watch often. Watch a few videos from these channels and subscribe if you find someone you love!


Madeleine Shaw is a health coach, yoga teacher, and author, and I love her positive attitude and practical tips. She covers a whole range of health-related topics such as snacks ideas, sleep tips, and stress-relief practices. She shares wonderful behind-the-scenes look at how she manages to balance all of the different aspects of her life with a busy schedule, and you can tell that she just has such a zest and love of life about her.

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